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Life Path Number

They are hunters with a natural instinct. If they are interested in someone, he will have a very little chance to escape, because the object of passion will be prosecuted by the Number 30 to the full determination, which is hard to resist. They have an attractive personalities and a huge sexual powers.

Sexually they are strong and somewhat material.

Calculate Lucky Numbers in Birth Date

They have little time for love, but if they have an attractive offer, which is made with respect - they will go for it. People who are ready to obey will get along perfectly with Number In all relationships they want to be first, and do not like when someone is approaching to their position. Partners and friends should complement, but not exceed.

No one should in no way attempt to take away their freedom. The Number 30 should be fully defining his partner's actions. No one should try to catch up with these people.

Calculate Lucky Numbers in Birth Date

First of all - it is not so easy, second - they do not like it. Number 30 is almost a twin of the Number 3 and has all it's properties, but in a lighter way. However, this softening is so small that these Numbers can be considered equal.

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This is a very bold number, and the people of Number 30 are very ambitious and active. They love power, and never agree with a subordinate position. They need to control the actions of others and if they do not feel their power, they may become very disappointed. They are following a strict discipline and demand the same from their subordinates.


They are usually very strong and hardy. One personality trait that can block your progress, however, is that you can at times come across to others as disinterested because you are a person of few words. But when you do speak, however, others will often be stunned by your perceptiveness. But working on your communication skills will benefit you considerably in both your personal and professional life.

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In your younger years you likely may have been cautious in your approach to life, but later on in life there are more opportunities for you to be more adventurous, more independent and less influenced by the opinions of others. You need to take advantage of those opportunities to express your individuality, because once you come to realize how creative and capable you can be, your self confidence will flower and you will attract all the success and happiness you deserve. You know how to attract attention, however when it comes to affairs of the heart you do tend to refrain from being demonstrative.

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  7. You need to be careful that complacency or fear of putting yourself on the line does not mean that you miss out on opportunities for love. You may find yourself attracted to gregarious and dramatic individuals who can encourage you to be more outgoing. You need to see instant results in whatever you do, and same applies to exercises. And if you do not see it you somewhat step back from it. However regular exercise is extremely beneficial to your overall health, as is healthy eating, which is also a slippery topic when it comes to consistency.

    But as you know consistency does bring improvements and results.

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    Slacking on diet and exercise does make you prone to poor mental health as well, so you may often experience depression or stress give light therapy lamps a try. Encourage yourself to be more on top of healthy eating and daily exercise regimes, but to be more effective you also need to get plenty of quality rest on daily basis. So in a sense, an overall healthy lifestyle routine is extremely important for you. You are drawn to business, commerce, politics, teaching, coaching, training, military, diplomacy, and other careers where you can climb to a positions you are required to coordinate large numbers of people.

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