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You love to look at the bright side of life and never want to allow those negative thoughts sneak their way in.

Being surrounded by lots of friends is something you hold dear, however, balancing many different groups might mean you find it hard to maintain close, quality relationships. One thing you must keep in mind is that if your head wanders too much, you might find it very hard to pay attention, making it very easy for you to make mistakes. Also, because you like to look at the positives, other people can take advantage of your kind-hearted nature by being dishonest.

June 17th, — December 15, January 8th, — July 5th, August 1st, — January 25th, February 19th, — November 11, Growing up, relationships may have been rather problematic, especially if you struggled and found little to no help in those that should have been figures of guidance and authority. You will need to learn how to communicate your difficulties so people can understand where you are coming from.

October 5th, — June 16th, July 10th — January 7th, February 2nd, — July 31st, August 30th, — February 18th, Surrounding yourself with all things beautiful is what makes you tick and you could be a big trend setter in your town. In your everyday life, you like to sail on by applying your talents to a very specific role that will help you gain success. This is great however, you need to learn how to explore other hidden talents in your life so you can grow and expand knowledge. April 3rd, — October 4th, October 28th, — July 9th, August 2nd, — February 1st, March 4th, — August 29th, You are very visual and this means you absolutely love hobbies that are more on the artistic side.

Friendly, bubbly and chatty, you may go through life having many different friends that always go to you if they need a distraction, which is great! Always fun, conversations will be able other topics instead of what is really going on in your life which could lower the quality of your friendships.


How do your friends really feel about their lives? Ask this instead of where they brought their new shoes from.

Related posts of "46 Prototypic North Node Compatibility Chart"

Dig deeper with people so your connections can be ones built on strength, rather than on gossip and meaningless chatter. You tend to worry, which means insecurities can build up in your head over pretty much nothing at all. If two people are whispering, you are likely to jump to conclusions and wonder why they are talking about you.

Instead of focusing on the negatives, clear your head from the inner battles that go on and just allow yourself to relax. March 29th, — October 9th, November 3rd, — April 27th, May 23rd, — November 18th, December 19th, — August 21st, Fun, animated and limitless, you like to push the boundaries in your social life and being the life of the party is something you like to be. One of the issues you could face is being a little too self-absorbed. If you and a friend both have good news, try not to steal their thunder as this will be something that could distance people from you.

Together you propel yourselves into the postivity and joy embodied by the North Node sign. As your North and South Nodes oppose in this relationship, you feel immensely inspired by one another. The other person is familar and comfortable with the traits you aspire toward. At the same time, being around each other is not your comfort zone. Your tendencies vary immensely. Those born 9 years apart are North Node opposites and there is a special allure to them, as they model the qualities we want and need to develop. In fact, the same is true for Sun and North Node aspects within the synastry chart - as those with their Sun in our North Node sign show us where we want to be stretched and how we want to grow.

Your Soulmate Will Know You

You are both yearning for spiritual growth and your bond can feel supportive for one another in this way. Simply being around one another feels fulfilling to your spirit. And within this connection you feel like the whole of you is being seen and valued. The connection feels spiritual. You seek to help each other get in touch with their own options for growth rather than trying to change their behavior. You seek to walk the path toward more awareness and more conscientiousness together. With the trine, your paths vary but complement each other very well. With any North Node to North Node aspect in synastry you both have the opportunity to encourage each other toward deeper emotional fulfillment.

This can manifest as going to the same church together, engaging in calming activities together, or deeper and more therapeutic conversations. On the other hand, there can be a tendency to want to push new ideologies or methodologies on one another and be somewhat zealous about these approaches. Create your free, personalized, and highly customizable synastry chart relationship chart by filling in the form below. Absorb all the information that you come across, remaining objective.

Explore your surroundings with endless curiosity. Your fulfillment lies in learning and evolving. Tap into your emotions in this life. Let nurturing and healing be your greatest work. Your purpose lies in remaining sensitive and empathetic, to forging strong family bonds, to being a caretaker for others. If you can harness the energy within your heart, you will be exactly where you're meant to be: surrounded by loved ones who you adore fiercely.

Be brave and express your greatest truth, no matter what anyone else thinks. You are meant to live in the spotlight. You are supposed to be the envy of all. Embrace your desire for fame, wealth, and luxury. Forget about everyone else.

Recommended For You

It's your time to shine. The world belongs to you and only you. Take what is rightfully yours. In this life, you should think of yourself as royalty.

Embrace left-brained, logical forms of thinking. Rely on facts rather than subjective and irrational beliefs. Take responsibility for your actions and develop productive habits. You'll reach your fullest potential by creating a system that allows you to methodically go after your goals. Maintain clean physical and mental health. Don't be afraid of voicing your opinion. Always trust in your intelligence. You were meant to spread peace in this life. Your fullest potential lies in cooperating with others, in bringing everyone together as "one.

Virgo North Node and Pisces North Node

Work with others in loyal partnerships. When conflict separates people into "us versus them," you are the one to bridge the gap. Life your life in harmony, forging the bonds that connect us all. In this life, you are meant to realize the full extent of your spirituality.

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